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Mercedes Benz



Feel the need for speed ?

The urge to press the pedal to the metal? To drive on the Autobahn? Here it is, the answer to your dream.

You pick the car of your dream, Ferrari, Audi TT, BMW 7 or any other, we organise the rest of your trip. Plenty of time to spend on Autobahn, experiencing the power of the machine beneath you and at the end of the day, learn to relax the German way.

We will organize your one of a kind vacation. We’ll pick you up at the airport or train station. We’ll arrange for your dream car, the fastest routes, accommodations and we also help you experience what good old Germany has to offer. You have your own ideas? We’ll be happy to realize them for you.

Whether a meal in a three-star restaurant with one of the world-best chefs, a whisky-tasting with a knight's meal in a German castle or the visit of a genuine German beer garden. It’s possible to go shopping in one of the biggest Designer Outlet Centres in Germany or to discover a traditional city in Germany like Heidelberg, Munich, Cologne or Wiesbaden. Ever wanted to see Neuschwanstein Castle?

We also offer one of our popular packages at a fixed price (two days and 620 miles on the Autobahn):

With pleasure, we offer you an extended package , e.g. our module 'Adventure Bavaria' or 'Why is it so beautiful at the Rhine' . We offer you this package for 3999 US$ per person. All prices included taxes, gas, accommodations, meals , insurance, excluding flight to get to Germany. It is necessary to put down a deposit about 3000 US$. Your companion in the same car for 699 US$. We’ll gladly book your flight for you .

Just contact us and off you go, to fulfil your need for speed: or by phone: +1 805 686 8983.